Breach of Regulation
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Three Rivers for the second time!

Last year I exhibited at a brand new show called 3 Rivers Comic Con, just outside of Pittsburgh.  It's a city I'd never visited on my usual convention circuit, and we're always looking to go new places and meet new people.  I didn't know what to expect from a first year show, as they can live or die by the strength of their first outing, but I was willing to make the drive and take a chance.  It paid off, and I'm going back this weekend for their secon...

The Amazing Animazement

This weekend we'll be returning to the convention that introduced me to what is now my home town. Michael and I will be spending this weekend in Animazement's artist alley! So if you're in the Raleigh area, if you're going to the con, if you're looking to pick up the latest volume of Star Power or any of the brilliant new art we've got, you can find us at table i01. We should be imminently visible. Come say hi. We always look forward to meeting folks.