Chapter 1
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Avoiding heavy-handed representation.

"Garth, we're doing well with representation and diversity in Star Power," I said to him, "but we haven't had any transgender characters yet.  We should do something about that." "We already did," he said to me. "We did?" Garth then revealed to me that the Human officer in the above panel, from way back at

Computer Calamities

Those of you who have been watching me stream on Twitch for the last couple of weeks already know  that my computer Alice has been giving me grief. Lagging to unreasonable levels, especially for a computer as roubust as she is, making my work and life slow and difficult and infuriating. Friday when I should have been finishing today and Wednesday's pages, her lagging reached the point where Photoshop froze on me. Twice. Within 30min. You can still watch this and me lose my shit in real time. ...