The most important page.

A new comic page posts every Monday-Wednesday-Friday at midnight U.S. eastern time, but we announce its update on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram around noon of that day's new update.  If you follow us on any of those platforms, you'll see that I called yesterday's page "the most important page we've ever made for STAR POWER." 2017-06-21

The Awesome AwesomeCon

Michael and I will be venturing back to AwesomeCon this weekend! We had such a great time last year that we signed up for the show this year before we had left the show last year. We were delighted to be there and exceedingly happy to be heading back. Hopefully we'll manage to see some familiar faces, get some of Volume3 into the eager hands of a few readers who only read deadtree and only pick up the books at cons (it's quite the little ritual we've started...