I Hear You
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Catching Up on the Blog!

Last week I made a quick blog post announcing our return to regular updates, only for our site's security certificate to expire and prevent us from making reliable updates. Wednesday's page updated just fine, but I didn't see the point of another blog post when folks had trouble reading the first one! But now things are back to normal (I hope), and I'm going to try again to make regular blog posts to get back into the swing of things!

Milestones of Life

My youngest brother got married on Saturday. Wild, huh? Some of you who who have been following my work for a while may remember my youngest brother. He showed up in a few pages of Comedity, often being referred to as tacky jailbait. Cuz he was like 16 when I drew Comedity. I didn’t give him that nickname, others did. I always called him “shorty” even though I’m the shortest of the siblings. It’s hard to not think of your kid brother as anything but a kid even long after he’s b...